Dance Fitness
Come experience original choreography in a fun and playful environment! Work your mind, body and soul. Dancing is not only a great form of exercise, but it empowers, liberates and sets your heart free!
   Zumba includes a variety of styles like West African, Bhangra, Hip-hop, and Latin Rhythms such as Merengue, Cumbia, Salsa & Reggaeton. This is a high energy class that will leave you dripping with sweat and wanting more.
    I will also train you to control, soften and dance from your heart. My passion in dance is evident in every class I teach, as well as my contagious, joyful spirit! I encourage you to embrace your own style, laugh at mistakes & hoot and holler to your hearts' content.
    Make it a regular habit and you'll see great results, not only with your form but your body. Discover a new passion or awaken a lost spirit. It's a fact, you'll leave class in a blissful state every time!