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Summer: Season for Dance Camps

posted May 24, 2012, 5:19 PM by Jessie Beck
I could not encourage you enough to attend a dance camp. The learning experience is unbelievable. You come back stronger in dance than ever before, after multiple days and numerous classes of dancing. Do not doubt your capabilities, as it's even better if your just discovering the world and addiction to dance. There are many styles of dance camps, some just in certain styles and other camps that includes a variety.

My recommendation for Dance Camps 2012:

Kosmos Dance Camp
Offers a variety of dance classes like Afro-Haitian, West African, Brazilian Samba, Bhangra & Bollywood, Bellydance, Modern, Salsa and more. This camp as has a variety of percussion classes in various styles too! 5 days, 29 hours of classes, delicious food and nice accommodations at a beautiful retreat west of Sebastopol in Sonoma County. Who could say no? Different options like work trade and various pricing (depending on how long you want to go).

Camp Fareta
Have the experience of going to African without leaving California. This West African Dance & Drum Camp is 8 hours South in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, near Sequoia National Park. This camp offers various styles of West African Dance (I teach Guinea style), but other styles like Senegalese, (Senegal), Kutiro (Mali) and this year they will have Congolese (Congo). Classes are divided by levels, so there are beginning classes! If you've been bitten by the West African Dance bug, I couldn't recommend this more!