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Kosmos Dance Camp- I Highly recommend it!

posted Jun 12, 2011, 10:56 AM by Jessie Beck
I had the most incredible time at Kosmos Dance Camp! This camp located at a beautiful camping retreat in the woods of a small town called Occidental about 1 & 1/2 hours from the San Francisco Bay. Highly talented dance instructors from the Bay Area offered classes in many different styles like West African (my favorite), Bhangra (my new favorite), Bollywood, Afro-Brazilian, Salsa Rueda, and some interesting fusion classes like "Roots Modern" (I'd call it Jazz-Modern w/African flair).

Kosmos Camp is great because they offer full & partial work-trade scholarship. I did the partial work-trade and it was only 3 hrs./day working in the kitchen. Super fun and a nice way to meet people.

I feel refreshed and enlightened with a new perspective in dance. Taking 4-5 dance classes for 4 days will do that to you. This experience was definitely eye-opening in my capabilities and what I can offer to the world. I love teaching, yet I also have this drive to perform. In my ideal world I can balance both. I'm just getting started......

This camp was something I needed to refresh myself, as I now have a pocket full of dance material, ready to create new easy dances for Zumba. Stay tuned and keep coming to Zumba!

Whether you're a dancer, or a Zumba enthusiast I highly recommend Kosmos Camp. I will definitely be there again next year, will you?