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Building up Classes

posted Aug 23, 2013, 7:30 PM by Jessie Beck   [ updated Aug 23, 2013, 7:42 PM ]
        I'm thrilled how job opportunities keep presenting themselves. I've added a Monday (7:15-8:15pm)  Zumba class at Relictree Fitness in Oakland. This class goes great with my Wednesday (7:15-8:15pm) Global Grooves class. My Zumba class provides a great, fast-paced, sweaty workout. There is no thorough breakdown in this class besides the heads up I sometimes give on certain combinations/moves. This class will be directed towards more Latin based rhythms like Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia and Reggaeton.
        If your looking for a dance class with thorough breakdown and technique then my Wednesday night Global Grooves class is your answer! This class is directed towards world dances like West African (Guinea), Bhangra, Haitian, Brazilian as well as Jazz. I really encourage you to do both as you will see a crossover between the two classes.
        In addition to Relictree Fitness I've just been hired at Civic Center Fitness, in the heart of it all- San Francisco! I'm really looking forward to building my classes & reputation at this location. I've added two lunch time Zumba classes that are quite popular, Tuesdays/Fridays 12-1pm. You can print a 5 day free trial through their website.
        This move down to the Bay has been great so far! I see myself just getting started and really look forward to more opportunities presenting themselves. My schedule right now feels balanced. Student vs. teacher. I'm studying to my hearts content in Guinean dance with incredible teachers.  As well as developing other styles I'm passionate about like Bhangra, Haitian & Brazilian dance. I look forward to diving into some hip-hop classes soon.  So much inspiration, it drives my passion to a whole new level.