Find your flow with hoop-dance‭!‬

    A fun,‭ ‬creative and personal way to get into shape.‭  ‬ Forget those small,‭ ‬flimsy hoops you remember as a kid.‭ ‬Hoop dance uses a larger and heavier hoop‭ ‬that‭ ‬allows you to‭ ‬increase‭ ‬body awareness while strengthening and toning core muscles.‭ ‬Larger hoops also‭ ‬allow you to explore more tricks,‭ ‬while improving hand-eye coordination,‭ ‬flexibility and balance.‭ ‬With practice you will become more proficient in technique,‭ ‬using music to guide your rhythm.‭

Benefits of Hooping:
*Burns ~600 calories/hour
*Tones various muscles such as abdominals, glutes, quadriceps, biceps/arms, and waist
*Improves balance, cardio, coordination, flexibility, posture, rhythm and respiratory strength
*Releases toxins, breaks up fat deposits and promotes better digestion and circulation
*Clears and rests the mind
*Fun and effective workout!

Interested in Purchasing a Hula Hoop?
Contact Jessie for custom hula hoops!

Sample Hoop Patterns, Custom Hoops Available

    Rainbow LED, Color Changing Hoop in Action

Various Sizes Available (small, medium, large & extra large)