About Me

    My passion for dance and movement was paved early in my life. It started at the age of 3 with ballet and eventually danced my way to other styles like tap, jazz and modern dance. I continued developing my movement and coordination skills with gymnastics, eventually flipping my way into cheerleading. I'm thankful my parents provided the foundation for me to discover my true calling, dance, the expression of movement.
     I graduated from Humboldt State University in 2010, receiving my B.A degree in Art Education and Dance. It was at this time my doorway blew open to African Dance and I immediately feel in love with dancing to the drums! I have been studying and falling in love with Guinean Dance over and over again for almost a decade.
In December 2013 I embarked on my first trip to Guinea, West Africa and again the following year in 2014. I was immersed in Guinean culture, dance, drum and daily life for almost two months on both trips. My experiences were life changing and only reassured my passion and love for these traditional dances. The fire under my toes burns stronger than ever, so come experience as I share the joy for dance and fitness.